Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why people do Lasik Eye surgery?

Just what is so interesting about Lasik Eye Surgery?
The price is quite expensive and there are risks involved. But there are still a lot of people willing to go through the Lasik Surgery.
It's real simple, actually.
Let's face it, who in their right mind doesn't want to look pretty?

You want to look like this?

I dare say that one of the reason people are getting interested in Lasik Surgery was because of the so many Reality TV Show that expose how someone that wear spectacles can be prettier by without it.
And how can they do that, permanently?
Of course by doing Lasik eye surgery!
Most people are willing to pay any price just to look pretty. And the risk involved are normally not being taken into consideration.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lasik Surgery Qualification criterias

The possibility of complications or imperfect vision after LASIK vision correction can be greatly reduced if you simply find out if you are a good prospect for the surgical.?Not everyone who wants LASIK vision correction is necessarily a good candidate to have the surgery.?You should consider a few things before you settle on LASIK:

  • If you donꊰ want to take a chance every now and then, you probably mustn't have LASIK vision correction.?There are possibilities of complications as a result of LASIK that you should find out before having the procedure carried out.

  • If having LASIK vision correction could affect your job or is not covered by your insurance policy you should think of another medication method.?The cost of LASIK is getting cheaper, but is still quite expensive and you'll want to make sure it isn't prohibited by your employer.

  • You must be an adult with refractive stability to be accepted for LASIK vision correction.?Refractive instability is determined by patients who are 20 or younger with fluctuating hormones due to such things as diabetes or someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding or taking medications that cause fluctuation in vision.

  • If you regularly engage in contact sports or suffer from a condition or disease may affect wound healing you should consider an alternative to LASIK vision correction. ?/li>

There are a number of other situations you should discuss with your doctor prior to LASIK vision correction.?If you have herpes or shingles involving the eye area you should disclose that information.?Also, any glaucoma, ocular hypertension, eye diseases, eye injuries, previous eye surgeries, or keratoconus should be discussed.

You should also ask your doctor to screen you for the following conditions prior to LASIK vision correction:

  • Blepharitis

  • Large pupils

  • Thin corneas

  • Previous refractive surgeries

  • Dry eyes

Once you have researched all of these conditions or discussed them with a LASIK surgeon you can determine if you are a candidate for LASIK vision correction.

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Lasik Eye Surgery Guide

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bladeless LASIK

While LASIK is a relatively low risk surgery process, bladeless LASIK eliminates the one area where the most complications arise, the metal blade. Aside from the fear it strikes into the heart of those who fear traditional surgery, it still has a very human error rate in a very difficult low-percentage situation.

While many people who are rejected for LASIK are rejected for thin corneas, bladeless LASIK offers these people a second chance. IntraLase lasers offer a more controlled environment in the bladeless LASIK surgery. Instead of cutting through with a blade, the laser is guided by computer technology.

The IntraLase laser allows for more curvature during the bladeless LASIK surgery, reducing the margin for error. The fact that it is a laser and not a blade also lends to the idea of avoiding infections or contaminations. Bladeless LASIK prevents long-term recovery that accompanies most surgeries.

Prior to LASIK a lot of people had unsafe or imperfect surgeries to correct vision that eliminated them from the opportunity to try LASIK. With bladeless LASIK, these potential customers have a second chance because of the almost 100% success rate of the procedure.

Some patients follow traditional LASIK with follow-ups to make other corneal flaps or reduce eye-irritations. Bladeless LASIK with InterLase appear to have lowered the possibility of this from happening.

The normal reaction to the thought of bladeless LASIK is that it eliminates the need for a practiced and season doctor to perform the surgery. While it may be true to a point, the fact is that bladeless LASIK requires a good deal of knowledge in physics and engineering.

While surgeons may have only been required to be knowledgable about medicine and anatomy in the past, they now must be computer savvy. The advantages of bladeless LASIK boils down to two basic ideas, a higher success rate and lower chance of follow-up procedures.

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Lasik Eye Surgery Guide

What is Lasik Surgery?

The last few years have seen sweeping change in the medical field by way of the revolution in vision, LASIK eye surgery. Many people with vision problems get excited at the thought of corrective surgery. But just what is LASIK eye surgery?

Refractive errors in the cornea are corrected by lasers in LASIK surgery. The laser precisely controls the tearing of the corneal tissue, reshaping the cornea and changing its focus. LASIK surgery is a very simple two step process:

1. A slight, thin flap of tissue is created on the outside layer of the eye or cornea. The flap helps heal and provide comfort on the way to better vision.
2. The doctor then folds open the flap on the inner cornea to correct the vision. Finally, the flap is closed to its original position and sealed with stitches.

The word LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Sutu Keratomieusis, a process which reshapes the cornea to refract light in the lens. While LASIK surgery isn't close to perfect, it is a very viable and increasingly safe surgical operation.

Improvements have been made by government regulations regarding the types of lasers allowed for LASIK surgery. A good idea for those who are considering the surgery is to research the types of lasers used by local doctors during LASIK.

As improvements are made and doctors are regulated the cost of LASIK surgery continues to decrease, making it a possibility for some who could only dream of such improvement a few years back. Some surgeries are referred to as "bladeless" or "custom" LASIK, meaning they are more efficient and tailored specifically to the individual.

LASIK surgery is an exciting prospect to anyone who has suffered from vision problems in the past. However, much like buying a car or house, it is important to do your research first.

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Lasik Eye Surgery Guide

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